2.5 — Ricardo & Rent — Class Content

Meeting Dates

Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Today we begin David Ricardo’s system by primarily focusing on the idea of rent.


Required Readings:

  • David Ricardo & The High Price of Bullion, On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation in Reader
  • start Ch.5 “Ricardo and Malthus” in Landreth & Colander
  • start Ch.4 “Ricardo’s System” in Blaug

Questions to Help Your Reading

  • How were the theories and policy recommendations affected by the events of the era?
    • What were the Corn Laws?
    • What is the principle of comparative costs (or comparative advantage)?
  • What did Ricardo view was the purpose, scope, and proper method of economics?
    • How was Ricardo’s focus different than Smith’s?
  • What was Ricardo’s view on the labor theory of value?
  • What is the role of capital (and capitalists), and of land (and landlords), in Ricardo’s model?
  • What is rent? Where does it come from? Is it “price-determined” or “price-determining?”
    • How is the rate of rent determined?
    • What is the difference between the “intensive margin” and the “extensive margin”?
  • What is profit? Where does it come from? Is it “price-determined” or “price-determining?”
  • How might we describe Ricardo’s production theory with modern production functions?
  • How did Ricardo integrate Malthusian population dynamics into his model?
  • How does diminishing returns figure into Ricardo’s model?


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I suggest printing the slides beforehand and using them to take additional notes in class (not everything is in the slides)!


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This week’s graded discussion is worth 5 points, and can be a combination of discussion in class, and/or posts on the Blackboard Discussion Board by 8 PM this Friday October 7.

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