3.4 — Marshallian Economics I: Demand & Utility — Class Content

Meeting Dates

Tuesday, November 1, 2022


Today we continue the marginalist revolution.


Required Readings

  • Ch.10 (up to Marshall on Supply) “Alfred Marshall and Neoclassical Economics” in Landreth & Colander
  • Ch.9 “Marshallian Economics: Utility and Demand” in Blaug

Questions to Help Your Reading

  • What is the definition of economics, according to Marshall
  • What is the proper way to study economics, and what is the role of mathematics, according to Marshall?
  • What do you recognize from your principles & intermediate microeconomics courses from Marshall?
  • What are the problems with Marshall’s approach to utility functions?
  • What are the problems with Marshall’s approach to measuring price and utility?
  • What is the rule for consumer maximization of utility?
  • What is the “marginal utility of money” according to Marshall, and how does it play a role in utility maximization?

Questions to Help Your Reading


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Participation/Discussion Board Posts Due 8 PM Fri Nov 4

This week’s graded discussion is worth 5 points, and can be a combination of discussion in class, and/or posts on the Blackboard Discussion Board by 8 PM this Friday November 4.

Tournament Votes

The first round of the Classical division of the “Most Interesting Economist in History” tournament is live. Please post your votes in the discussion board.